We will continue to use Google Classroom for Y4-7

To use this you need to have your Myschool Login

If you are using a tablet/ipad please download

Google classroom


Google docs and slides


When you have these downloaded you just log in with your jbloggs123@c2ken.net email 

where jbloggs123 is your own username given to you by your teacher

 and password 

 The best way to access Myschool if you are using a PC or Laptop is by using Google Chrome as your browser then follow the directions below to access google classroom.

 Click on login in to go direct to the login in page then follow he directions below to access Google Classsroom.


Help Sheets for Google Classroom


How to upload work to Google classroom


Seesaw App for Y1 and Y2 and Y3

 Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3  will be using the Seesaw app.

To log into Seesaw you will need your QR code. Open the Seesaw Class app and scan the QR code to open your child's profile.


To access your homework diary for the week and any assigned activities please follow the instructions in the document below.