Year 6

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Class teacher: Mrs Woods

Classroom assistant: Mrs Farrell

Meet the lovely Year 6 pupils...

During the first week of Year 6, we discussed worries and things that maybe make us anxious when starting a new school year and during other times as well. We have a class worry box that we can use but we also made our own individual worry stones that we can use both in school and at home to help us when we feel worried or anxious.

Our Class Assembly: New Beginnings

Our first class assembly of the year was about 'New Beginnings'.

We have been thinking about the new opportunities that each new day brings and we are going to try very hard to make the most of each new day and work hard to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves this year.






MATHLETICS Success in Year 6!



Most recently in Literacy, we have been studying play scripts. We have looked at a wide range of samples and have learned the key features of a play script. We enjoyed the opportunity of working in groups and stepping into different character roles for the different play scripts that we were given. We dressed up and created some props from various classroom objects. We then rehearsed and performed our different play script scenes in front of the rest of the class. All acts were very enthusiastic and entertaining! Our next step is to use what we have learned to write our own play scripts.


Our Topic for this term: WATER

The Water Cycle

The Year 6 pupils worked together in groups to sequence images of the water cycle and then present their knowledge of the water cycle to the rest of the class.

 The presentations were great!

As part of our Water topic this term, the pupils were given the challenge of creating their own 2D or 3D Water Cycle models. Everyone worked hard and came up with their own unique, individual representation and they were all fantastic! They then presented their project to the class while explaining their knowledge of the water cycle in detail. 

The models and presentations were all excellent - well done everyone! 

We have carried out several different Science experiments when studying our Water topic:

  • We made a water cycle in a bowl and watched the water cycle in action.
  • We created a raincloud in a jar - an experiment which showed the precipitation stage.
  • We carried out an experiment to find out how much water is in our food.
  • We carried out an experiment with celery which showed how plants absorb water. In each Science lesson, we have been busy making predictions, making observations, and recording and analysing results. Our next Science lesson will be about water pollution and we will be carrying out experiments based on filtering water. We love Science!

Irvinestown Primary School entered and won an online STEM competition that provided the lucky Year 6 pupils with the opportunity of participating in a number of exciting workshops and challenges in the STEM Centre in the South West College in Dungannon! Our WAU topic is 'Water, Water, Everywhere' and the workshops linked well to this, being based on the Titanic.

Throughout the day, the pupils got to:

  • Chill out on huge bean bags and listen to an engaging PowerPoint presentation about the sinking of the Titanic and how the Titanic relates to STEM.
  • Use iPads to research and record afcts about the Titanic on safe and reliable websites.
  • Use iPads and other technology to plan, edit and present news reports to an audience. 
  • Work in small groups to plan, design and create a raft - working within a budget of £100.
  • Learn about the forces of gravity and buoyancy in water and test out each raft in water to find out which ones could remain afloat with the greatest weight on board. 

The winning raft was able to stay afloat with 450g on board!

Well done to 'The Getaways' team! (Shayne, Ethan, Scott and Harry M) 

It was a brilliant STEM learning experience and everyone had a great day!

In our WAU water topic lessons, we have been using our map reading skills to locate rivers, seas and oceans within the UK and around the world. We have learned many interesting facts about different rivers within the UK and worldwide. We have also explored the journey of a river and learned lots of new vocabulary about the different features of a river and the stages along its journey from source to mouth.





Image Theatre Performance: The Selfish Giant

Image Theatre visited our school on Monday 1st October and performed 'The Selfish Giant' for all of the pupils. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed listening and participating in the songs throughout and some pupils even had the opportunity to show off their acting skills by joining in for some of the scenes! It was great fun and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone!

The Year 6 and 7 pupils attended a World War 1 exhibition at Ardess Parish Hall on Friday 9th November. It was a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to learn about local history and find out more about World War 1. The children loved having the opportunity to discover possible ancestors that may have been in World War 1. It was a very interesting and enjoyable afternoon for everyone.

We are taking part in Shared Education lessons with the Year 6 pupils from St. Pauls Primary School and Ballinamallard Primary School. We have enjoyed our first three Art, Music and Dance lessons which were all based on the theme of 'Christmas'. We made snowmen Advent calendars, played instruments and sang along to Christmas music, and learned a dance routine to 'Rocking Around the Christmas Tree'. It was great fun! We enjoyed the experience of learning in a different school setting with other pupils and we are looking forward to our next three lessons in January which are based on the theme of 'Friendship'.


Friday 14th December was Christmas Jumper Day at school.

All of the pupils and staff enjoyed coming to school in their favourite Christmas jumpers and all donations given went to the NI Hospice.

Children's Mental Health Week - February 2019

E-Safety Week 2019