Welcome to Year 6!

Christmas Jumper Day

We had some great jumpers for Christmas Jumper Day last week. Well done to everyone for getting into the Christmas spirit!

Winter Art

Year 6 did winter evening silhouette art this week using a mix of chalk and oil pastels. First we designed the backgrounds before drawing objects and animals on black card and sticking them on to complete the pictures. As you can see below there are some great artists in the class! 

Winter Olympics

 We finished PE for this term with a mini Winter Olympics. Everyone was split into teams and used their activity sheets to record their individual scores for different events such as single leg hops, dart throwing and basketball shots. It was fantastic to see the children show great independence and teamwork skills. 

Telling the time...

This week's Numeracy was about demonstrating and applying our knowledge of time. Some children were using Google Slides to read and answer questions about train timetables, while others were interpreting different kinds of timetables in the shared learning area. Well done everyone!


Mindfulness Friday

After a busy morning working on a creative writing piece and rehearsing for the Christmas play, we took five minutes to meditate before going in for lunch. We discussed the importance of keeping our minds healthy and identified different strategies that we can use to help us with this. 


Christmas Play Update

On top of our rehearsals, we spent some time this week preparing costumes for the upcoming Christmas play. We made masks using black card and chalks and started making our African style grass skirts using green bin bags. Check out some of the photos below. 


Anti Bullying Week

Last week was anti-bullying week and this year's theme was United Against Bullying. Throughout the week we were busy carrying out different activities in our bid to promote a positive and bully free environment. We held class discussions and shared our ideas on where, why and how bullying happens to different people, and created a kindness tree to share our positive messages. Later in the week, we watched the trailer from the movie Wonder and talked about the daily struggles 'Auggie' faced as new pupil in his school. We also wrote acrostic poems using different titles, including United Against Bullying. 

PE in Year 6

We have been enjoying staying fit and healthy in our PE lessons this year. So far we have improved on our basketball, football and bench ball skills. As well as enjoying a few weeks of team games at the beginning of the year. Check out a few photos from last week's basketball lesson!