Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome to the Year 6 class page. Have a look at some of the photos below of what our class have been learning at home! Keep sending them in via Google Classroom!! Well done boys and girls!!


Please refer to Google Classroom from now on to find out what your child’s work is each day. The daily plans can be found under the Daily Overview section. All topic materials will be uploaded into their specific folders under the Classwork section.

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Term 2: Our World Around Us topic this term is Water, Water, Everywhere!!

The Eco team and Miss Elliott were delighted with all of the classes taking part in Children's Mental Health week in February 2020. Have a look at the Eco Team presenting a whole school assembly and some examples of the activities and work completed across all classes in Irvinestown Primary School. Well Done!

As part of our Water topic, Miss Elliott organised a special visitor to come in and give us a talk about the RNLI. Peter Scott kindly brought along a PowerPoint with videos of real life rescues within Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom. The children thoroughly enjoyed trying on the RNLI uniform at the end of the session. It was a fantastic day and we learnt so much about water and water safety.

In Art lessons, we studied the famous artist, Claude Monet who painted various water paintings. We used water colours to paint our own interpretation of one of his paintings. They look lovely out on display outside our classroom.

January has been a busy month in Year 6. In Numeracy, we have been estimating and accurately measuring items within the classroom and the school playground. We also learned how to calculate the perimeter of 2D shapes and in real-life problem solving tasks.

In our PE lessons this month, we have been delighted to use the apparatus equipment to help us improve on our movement and gymnastic abilities. We love having fun balancing, climbing and jumping on the equipment every Monday afternoon! It's a great way to start a new week of learning!

Our Class novel this term is "Why the Whales came?" by famous children's author, Michael Morpurgo. This novel fits in really well with our World Around Us topic on Water. We have been reading a few chapters over the last month in Literacy. In our writing sessions, we are focusing on character descriptions of one of the main characters, The Birdman. In drama, we used the hot seating technique with Rachel and Noah taking on the role of two characters from the novel. We collectively came up with questions we would like to ask them and discussed these as a class. We are looking forward to finding out what will happen in the next few chapters of the story....

Our Friday PE lesson is all about keeping fit. Miss Elliott has been teaching us new exercises and ways to keep our bodies and minds healthy. We complete a series of quick circuit exercises in groups. We are trying to improve upon our time for each circuit exercise week on week. Have a look at some of the action below! It's a fantastic workout and just in time for the weekend!!


Our Class Assembly in Term 1 was based on our World Around Us topic of Amazing Africa. We told our friends and family lots of Amazing Africa facts. There were even a few jokes thrown in! We acted out some important events from the life of Nelson Mandela. We performed and sang some African call and response songs. Some of the class formed a musical ensemble using traditional African instruments. Miss Elliott was very proud of us all and delighted with our performance!


Have a listen to us singing our African call and response songs!!