Daily Routines


The current cost of school meals is £2.60 per day.

Parents in receipt of Income Support may be able to obtain free meals for their children.

Application forms are available online. 

   Packed Lunch

Children will eat their lunch under supervision in the dining hall.  

School Milk  

School Milk is served at lunch time. The cost per term is

Autumn Term                   £15

Spring Term                     £10.50

Summer Term                  £11


     Break Time Snacks

Children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack at break time i.e. fruit, yogurt, cheese, nuts, etc instead of crisps or chocolate.

The school kitchen also provides healthy snacks

Mixed Fruit Cup/pieces of fruit - 40p

Toasted Bagel/ Muffin -             40p

Water -                                  50p


Children are encouraged to bring a bottle of water to school each day. (Sports caps please)