Welcome to Year 3


Hello Year 3! 

I hope everyone is doing well!   I know everything is different but we will get there!  Remember you are helping your family by working hard!

Congratulations everyone on getting onto Google Classroom!  I am now just going to put up the schedule up on Google Classroom from now on.  

Don’t feel you have to do everything exactly as it says.  Parents - Adapt it to your child, your family life and circumstances!
Don't forget to write me a little comment on the 'stream' or even put up a photo to let me know what you've been doing!
Have fun!
Love Mrs Martin x


Here are some more photos of what Year 3 have been doing!  There is even an owl that Amelia's uncle found.  He very kindly looked after it.

Well done everybody!  I am so proud of you all!

Remember there are activities on Mathletics, Studyladder.  Look at the many great resources/ games mentioned on this website !   Take a look!

 Don’t forget to set time aside for walks, baking activities and especially some precious family time.

Have a look below at the pictures of  happening during home schooling.  It is great to see all the beautiful signs of Spring!  Keep sending your photos in!