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Year 7 had a fantastic soccer 'taster' session with the IFA. We practised our dribbling skills, passing and control of the ball. Well done Year 7!

Our WAU topic for this term is:


We are really enjoying learning about the Victorian Era and what life was like for children growing up during those times. It has been interesting to compare education, toys, jobs and inventions from then to now.

Our class novel is Street Child, by Berlie Doherty. We are really enjoying this book and it links in really well with our WAU topic on Victorians. 

 We studied the life and works of the author Berlie Doherty and then chose our own favourite author to safely research online. 

We had a fantastic day with 'Time Steps', a Living History company, learning about Victorian school life and the workhouse. 

We all got dressed up and stepped into the Victorian era!

Have a look at our wonderful Victorian displays. Year 7, can you spot your silhouette?

Year 7 Practical Maths and

Problem-solving Activities