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Class of 2020/21


Our WAU topic for this term is: THE VICTORIANS.

We are really enjoying learning about the Victorian Era and what life was like for children growing up during those times. It has been interesting to compare education, toys, jobs and inventions from then to now.

Our class novel is Street Child, by Berlie Doherty. We are really enjoying this book and it links in really well with our WAU topic on Victorians. 



We studied the life and works of the author Berlie Doherty and then chose our own favourite author to safely research online. We used this research to create information posters about our chosen authors.


As part of our WAU topic work, we researched a variety of Famous Victorians. We then used this to create fact files, using the Pic Collage app on the iPads.

We created our own power points on the Victorians, to demonstrate our knowledge and understanding of this topic.

We developed our ICT skills: saving and editing our work, adding images safely from the internet, changing backgrounds and fonts, and adding animations and transitions.


We studied the works of the Victorian artist, Charles Renee Mackintosh. We loved creating our own piece of Mackintosh inspired artwork, featuring the 'Mackintosh Rose'. We enjoyed getting to choose from a range of different media when colouring our designs.


As part of our preparation for instructional writing, we held a Victorian themed Great British Bake Off day in class. The children were put into groups and given the challenge of baking a Victoria Sponge Cake! Each team worked fantastically well and all 6 Victoria Sponge cakes were superb! Mrs Read helped with the judging and it was not an easy task. They were all delicious! 

News Reports

Year 7 studied the features of news reports and took a step back in time to the Victorian Era, looking at photographs, gathering facts, evidence and direct quotes from working Victorian children. They then used this research to help them plan, draft and redraft their news reports about the terrible working conditions that these children faced each day.

Year 7 are Keeping Fit!

In PE lessons, we have been enjoying participating in a range of games and activities, such as rounders, football rounders, dodge ball, hockey and circuits. 


This year, the theme for Anti-bullying Week was 'United Against Bullying'. Year 7 pupils took part in a wide range of lessons, discussions and activities around this theme and we thought particularly about the negative impact that bullying can have on a person's confidence and self-esteem. We focused on  how we can build each other up and bring about change through acts of kindness.