Eco Team 

Congratulations to the new members of our Eco Team and our new school coordinator- Mrs Woods.  

We are looking forward to finding out about their plans for helping us to continue to be Eco Friendly and to maintain our Green Flag.



Our Eco Notice Board

Our Eco notice board is displayed in the main hall of our school. It shows our current Eco Aims, our Eco Code and has posters and leaflets giving advice on how to work towards those aims. Our main focus is Waste and our two minor focuses are Healthy Living and Energy. Upcoming events and Eco news can be found on this board, including our  most Eco-Friendly class of the week which is based on the monitoring of energy usage in each class.


European Week for Waste Reduction - November 2018


Energy Saving Week - November 2018


Healthy Living: Children's Mental Health Week 2019


'Zero Waste School' Competition


I.P.S Zero Waste Lunch Box Challenge

HEALTH WEEK - April 2019

'Big Spring Clean-Up' event - April 2019