Irvinestown Primary School

Y7 Leavers Celebration DVD 

Unfortunately we were unable to have our annual Leavers’ Celebration however we have put together this DVD to mark your 7 years with us.

We would like to wish our leavers every blessing in the future at their new schools.

We look forward to hearing how you get on. 
Click on the link below 

End of Term Newsletter

Year 4 delivered a wonderful surprise to Mrs Harron when they sent her a story they had been secretly working on.

The story was started off by Isabel and passed to a classmate who added to the story and so on.

It was a fantastic team effort by the pupils and will be a fantastic keepsake. They also dedicated the story to all the pupils of IPS

Thank you Y4

Our Pupil Video -

Thank you to all who took part and sent their photos in. We hope you love it.

Check out our new Irvinestown PS video we made to encourage you all to

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