Admission Criteria 

Admissions Policy

The Board of Governors of Irvinestown Primary School will admit to Year 1 all children whose fifth birthday falls between 2nd July 2012 and 1st July 2013.

Parents of children who are considering sending their children to Irvinestown Primary School should attend our annual Open Day held in January of each year. or contact the School to make an appointment with the Principal who will be glad to answer any questions.


Parents wishing to send their children to Irvinestown Primary School should complete the appropriate application form available from the School Secretary.


The Board of Governors will consider each application, if necessary applying the admission criteria, and inform parents in writing if their application has successful.


Children who have been accepted to Year 1 will have the opportunity to spend four afternoons in the Year 1 classroom to familiarise themselves with their new classmates and classroom.


Any child being admitted to Years 2-7 will have the opportunity to meet their new class before starting school.


Each year the parents of children due to be enrolled in Year 1 in September will be invited to participate in our DELTA programme in the preceding month of June. The DELTA programme is a series of meetings attended by the Principal and led by the Year 1 teacher. Items discussed include the development of Literacy and Numeracy, the revised curriculum and daily routines at Irvinestown Primary School.


A full copy of the Admissions Criteria is available in school on request.